God Special : रक्षाबंधन आ रहा है मेंरी बहन को हमेशा खुश और सुरक्षित


Happy Rakshabandhan 2023On the auspicious occasion of Happy  Raksha Bandhan, sisters are blessed by the divine forces with abundant love, happiness, and protection. It's a day when the bond between siblings is celebrated, and sisters receive the blessings of God for a life filled with joy, success, and well-being. The sacred thread of rakhi ( Happy Rakshabandhan ) symbolizes not only the sibling relationship but also the divine blessings that brothers seek for their sisters. As brothers vow to safeguard and support their sisters, they invoke the blessings of God to guide and watch over their beloved sisters' journey. Happy Raksha Bandhan is a reminder of the spiritual connection that underlies the sibling bond and the belief in God's benevolence for a blessed life ahead.


हिंदी टेक्स्ट :

रक्षा बंधन आ रहा है

मेरे महादेव

मेरी बहन को हमेशा

खुश और सुरक्षित रखना !!


English Text :

Rakshabandhan Aa Raha Hai

Mere Mahadev

Meri Behan Ko Hamesha

Khush Aur Surakshit Rakhna !!


"Bound by love, blessed by tradition. Happy Rakshabandhan!" 

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