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Happy Teddy Bear Day one of the cutest days during Valentine's Week. This day is observed on the 10th of February. Teddy bears are something we all shared from an early age. They were toys that we played with. Teddy bears were our best friends as they listened to all of our sad and happy stories and never complained. That is why Valentine's Day has a special meaning for teddy bears.


Happy Teddy Bear Day Shayari in Hindi

Happy Teddy Bear Day Shayari in Hindi

1. खुशियों का सफर है तेड़ी बेयर के साथ,
   गले लगाकर देता है वो धेर सारा प्यार।


2. तेड़ी बेयर की मिठास में खो जाओ,
   खुद को तो देखो, हर गम भूल जाओ।


3. हर तेड़ी बेयर में छुपी है एक कहानी,
   प्यार और ममता की भरी हर रात की खानी।


4. तेड़ी बेयर के गले में बंधी चांदनी रातें,
   सपनों की दुनिया में हम सब करें बातें।


5. तेड़ी बेयर के साथ बनी है मित्रता की डोर,
   ज़िन्दगी के हर मोड़ पर रहेंगे हम यार।


6. तेड़ी बेयर के हों जाओ संगी, साथ निभाओ यारी,
   खुशियों की बौछार से भर दो हर पल की जिंदगी।


7. हर दिन तेड़ी बेयर के साथ हो बचपन का खेल,
   मिले खुशियों का बोझ, खो जाएं हम दिल से मेल।


8. चेहरे पर मुस्कान लाए तेड़ी बेयर की मिठास,
   हर दर्द को भूल जाएं, बन जाए ये प्यारी ख़ास।


9. तेड़ी बेयर के गले में लिपट जाएं हम,
   खुशियों की बौछार में हो बसी ये धरा ख़ुशियां।


10. जिंदगी की हर मुश्किल को आसानी से तार देता है,
    तेड़ी बेयर का प्यार, हर ग़म को भुला देता है।


Teddy Bear Day Shayari in English

Teddy Bear Day Shayari in English

1. "On Teddy Bear Day, let's cuddle close,

like teddy bears in a loving pose.

With every hug, our hearts entwine,

forever bonded, yours and mine."


2. "In the world of chaos and dismay,

a teddy bear brings light and play.

So on this special Teddy Bear Day,

let's hug tight and chase worries away."


3. "Soft fur, gentle eyes,

a loyal friend in every size.

Happy Teddy Bear Day,

may your cuddles be as warm as the sun's rays."


4. "On Teddy Bear Day,

let's make a pact, to cherish each hug,

every whispered fact.

For in the arms of a teddy bear,

we find solace, joy, and care."


5. With every stitch and seam,

A teddy holds a wish.

Let's celebrate this special day!

"The magic of love never fades."


6. "Like an angel of protection in a fuzzy disguise.

A teddy brings comfort.

Wiping tears out of our eyes

Happy Teddy Bear Day!

"May your dreams soar and your cuddles be sweet."


7. "In a world where troubles abound,

a teddy bear's love can always be found.

So on Teddy Bear Day, let's hold tight,

and chase away darkness with love's gentle light."


8. "As the stars twinkle in the midnight sky,

let your teddy bear be your guide.

On this Teddy Bear Day,

may its presence soothe your soul and bring you peace inside."


9. "Happy Teddy Bear Day,

may your heart be light,

and your teddy bear's embrace be tight.

For in its arms, you'll always find,

a sanctuary for your troubled mind."


10. "A Teddy Bear's Love Knows No Bounds"

In its embrace, you will find true happiness.

On this special day

Let's spread the love cheer

"And hold our teddy-bears close. Oh so near."


Happy Teddy Bear Day Quotes in Hindi


Happy Teddy Bears Day Quotes in Hindi


"Embrace Teddy Bear Day with open arms, for in the arms of a teddy bear lies the purest form of comfort and companionship."


"On this Teddy Bear Day, let's celebrate the timeless innocence and unwavering loyalty that a teddy bear symbolizes."


"As we honor Teddy Bear Day, may the softness of your teddy bear remind you of the gentleness and warmth that exist within your own heart."


"Happy Teddy Bear Day! May your teddy bear be a constant reminder that love knows no bounds and that the simplest gestures can bring immense joy."


"Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, take a moment to snuggle up with your teddy bear and rediscover the peace and tranquility it brings."


"Let's cherish Teddy Bear Day as a reminder to always hold onto the childlike wonder and pure joy that a teddy bear embodies."



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